Windows Repair Tool Is More Than Just A PC Companion

There are a lot of issues that the Windows Repair tool can fix, which makes it a handy companion when dealing with common software problems on your computer.

Such would include issues with Internet Explorer, file permissions, registry errors, Windows Firewall, and Windows Updates.

Check And Revert Changes

The Windows Repair tool provides the option to check for any changes done to your computer and it can actually revert them to its default settings. This can be very useful when your computer has previously been infected with malware.

Safe Mode

Upon using this tool, it is important to consider booting into Safe Mode first. This may even affect the previous settings you have done manually, but it should be worth it because it can fix many issues that you can do yourself.

Free Version Or Pro Version?

The good thing about this tool is that it is offered for free. Well, there is a Pro version though that you can purchase at $24.95. Basically, you may opt for the free version if you just want to use it for common issues. It is also recommended for personal use only

However, if you want to do advanced checking and repairing, then the Pro version is perfect for you.

  • Clean junk files
  • Get automatic updates
  • Run custom scripts
  • Shortcuts to common Control Panel items
  • Use your company logo
  • Built-in CleanMem and Simple System Tweaker

The good thing about the Windows Repair tool is that it continues to add more features even in its free version.

Moreover, there is no third-party software offered or time limits when you use this tool. The license though can only be used per computer.

Therefore, you have to purchase one for each computer that you have. This includes repairs and other advanced features, which is perfect for shop technicians.

If you are managing a computer repair shop or a network management environment, then this one is good for one technician per year.

This can also be used for a remote computer repair environment common in call centers. So one person can use this on multiple machines, but only one person can use a particular license.

Mixed Reviews

While a few people experienced no improvement in their system configurations, others find it very useful as it worked for them.

It even fixed an issue involving a frozen or black screen of death during restart or shutdown. This was common after the Windows Creator update.

Automatic Windows Repair Options

If you are going to encounter several problems that would require automatic Windows repair, then take note that you can deal with it in a number of ways if you feel like there is no need to download the Windows Repair tool.

Thus, you may consider using the Repair Install, Refresh Your PC, or Startup Repair options. This will depend on the operating system that you are using.

So for Windows 8 or 10, you may pick the Startup Repair first, which is available at the Advanced Startup Options menu. If that didn’t do the trick, then you may consider Reset This PC or the Refresh Your PC in Windows 8.

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