Windows Defender Antivirus Versus Avast Free Antivirus

A lot of people are getting curious as to which antivirus software is more effective when it comes to overall protection. Today, a couple of antivirus software are being put to the test in order to determine which one is more superior.

Windows Defender Antivirus

You might be a bit misguided if you think that Windows Defender is just a minor antivirus software provided by Microsoft.

In fact, the name has now become Windows Defender Antivirus, which offers all the essential features that an antivirus product is intended to provide.

It is built into the Windows OS platform, particularly Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Basically, it can run a number of different scans, namely custom scan, full scan, quick scan, and offline scan. The offline scan is the deep malware scan running before Windows OS can load up.

  • Built-In Firewall

Windows Defender also has a built-in firewall, which is the best feature that the software can provide. Generally, it will monitor your network traffic and prevents hackers from aiming to hack your computer via a network interface.

  • Fresh Start Feature

This feature also provides a clean reinstallation of the latest Windows version while keeping the most of the personal files and settings intact.

  • SmartScreen Utility

This one is a handy utility feature that is included in the software package. SmartScreen Utility can block potentially dangerous websites as well as unsafe downloads. In addition, it can determine unrecognized apps over the Internet.

However, you may only use this feature with the Microsoft Edge browser. When it comes to the modern multi-platform environment though, it may be of little significance.

  • Built-In Parental Control Feature

The parental control feature is built into the software package to provide added control on websites in which your kids tend to visit.

That said, it can also limit the number of hours they are allowed to spend online. At the same time, you will be able to limit their access to apps just suitable for their age group.

Avast Free Antivirus

If you are already a user of the free version of Avast, then you should have known that it has a variety of security-related features. Aside from that, it also packs several useful features that other companies only provide in their premium packages.

Just as the Windows Defender can provide protection to users, Avast free antivirus can also offer boot-time scans, full scan, and smart scan. The boot-time scan is available before the Windows OS will load up. This is quite useful as it can scan for malware during this time.

  • Wi-Fi Inspector Tool

This will help you find vulnerable networks and settings within your own home network.

  • Software Updater Tool

This will inform you about other outdated applications in your system.

  • Silent/Gaming Mode Feature

Needless to say, this feature enables you to play without getting any interruptions like text or call notifications.

  • Rescue Disk Option

This feature provides protection against deeply rooted malware. It is also capable of removing infections brought about by this type of malware.

  • Unlimited Password Manager
  • Email Client Protection
  • Two Browser Extensions: Avast SafePrice and Avast Online Security

You may also select top-level protection and premium features by upgrading the antivirus software to Avast Internet Security. If you want full features to antivirus software, you may upgrade to a better version.

But if you think that advanced features may not be that important to your current setup, then the basic version would suffice.

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