VLC Media Player Is Smarter Than You Think

Are you still looking for the best video player every time you encounter a hiccup when playing audio or video on your computer? If so, then you may have to look for an alternative player to solve your dilemma.

Advantages Of Using VLC

  • Compatible with most types of video files

When you use VLC as your default video player, you will never have to worry anymore about anything. All you have to do is to play your favorite movie or music using this app and relax. Moreover, you can rest assured that your player is supported by existing Windows or Linux OS.

  •  Easy And Quick To Download

Just search for the official page of VLC media player from your computer browser and click search. Then, you can download the APK file from its official site. You can also install the file right after downloading it. If you noticed that your audio or video files didn’t play on your native media player or any other app, then you will be amazed that it finally did.

  • No Codecs Required

If you are concerned that you might no longer be able to play videos from your computer because it requires the installation of new codecs, then worry no more. This is because it will still be able to run any video or audio format without installing additional codecs.

  • Stream Files

Aside from playing audio and video files store on your computer, you will also be able to stream files online right from the source and play them using VLC media player.

  • Record Live Videos

One of the best features of VLC media player is the ability to record live videos. If you are a huge fan of YouTube or other similar sites, then you can take advantage of this feature. Moreover, it can save anything you want and watch it as many times as possible.

  • Can Be Installed On Your iPhone

Aside from installing it on your computer, you may also take advantage of VLC media player on your iPad, iPhone or any smartphone out there. In addition, VLC 3D allows you to play and watch videos to suit your needs.

  • Virus-Free

Many people may be concerned that they might get their computers infected with viruses when downloading from an unknown source. But VLC is known to be free of viruses. For one, it doesn’t allow add-ons or additional software to go with it.

  • Capture Video Shots On Your Desktop

You may also capture shots of video on the desktop of your PC. This can be used to play tutorials that you can upload on YouTube. Additionally, you may be able to use firewire services connected to your PC and can stream it live through a firewire port.

Errors Associated With Different File Formats

You may encounter errors, such as no audio and error in loading subtitles when you are playing MKV format files. That said, you may encounter playback issues as well. Moreover, there are instances when a green screen shows up when playing DVD format files.

Simply reset the app by restoring the default GUI and restarting VLC. You may also type ‘VLC –reset-config’ command from the command prompt or cmd on your PC or terminal on Mac.

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