Using VivaVideo to Make Hit Videos


Video is the new content of choice for many online users and there are numbers to prove it. At least 1/3 of the people who use the Internet use YouTube, 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day and videos get shared 1200% times more than text and images combined.

This is why it’s no surprise that video editing apps are the trend nowadays, one of the popular of which is VivaVideo. This free video editing app allows you to edit videos and create movies by putting together several video clips from your mobile device. Here, we talk about the different ways you can use VivaVideo’s amazing features to create videos that will surely wow your audience:

Keep your videos short and sweet.

As much as people love to watch videos these days, they don’t have the time or the long attention span for it. So, when creating videos through VivaVideo to share on your social media accounts, it’s best to keep these numbers in mind.

Research suggests that Instagram videos that lasted on average of 26 seconds got the most comments, Twitter’s best #VideoOfTheDay videos averaged only 43 seconds and Facebook’s one-minute long videos got the most engagement. Although you want to show more of what you documented, keeping things short and sweet will keep your audience engaged and happy.

In some cases, however, when you need to make longer videos on VivaVideo, try to create strategic pauses within your video also known as “breathing room” to give audience that mental break from all the information they’re getting from your video. This is especially ideal for videos with a lot of dialogues, which can easily bore viewers.

Get your intro and outro right.

No matter how short your video may be, it’s very important to pay attention to your intro and outro to make sure that your audience understands your content.

VivaVideo has a lot of effects that you can use for intros and outros that you just have to choose the right one for the type of video that you’re creating. Avoid using cuts and take advantage of natural segues that will help prepare your viewer for the next scenes.

Play with different tools until you get it right.

In essence, there really are no hard and fast rules in video editing, especially now when there are apps like VivaVideo that allow even those with zero knowledge to create beautiful movies to share in their platform of choice. The trick here is to experiment until you get it right.

Different videos call for different techniques because your goal is to really capture the essence of what you’re trying to present to your audience. Fortunately, VivaVideo has a lot of features that will make video editing fun and easy. Play with different effects, functionalities and tools until you get the right feel and vibe for your videos.

The final word

At the end of the day, VivaVideo is all about letting you be as creative as possible by providing you with the right tools. So, don’t be afraid to explore what the app has to offer and you’ll surely be surprised at how good your videos will be and how well they will be accepted by your audience.

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