The Necessity of Updating WhatsApp

As we all know, WhatsApp is an application that allows sending of text messages and voice messages, making voice and video calls as well as sharing images, documents, user location and other media. The WhatsApp application can be used on any android phone.

Types Of Communication Limits To:

  • Groups of individuals
  • Private messages
  • Business Platform

WhatsApp just launch some releases for iOS, Android devices and Windows Phone this 2019.

Is It A Necessity To Update Whatsapp?

For WhatsApp users, updating your application is needed to protect against potential targeted exploits designed to compromise information stored on mobile devices as well as to avoid spyware installation from a single missed call.

What Is The Reason Why Whatsapp Is Not Installing?

The possible reason WhatsApp would not install in your mobile phone is could be of insufficient space so better try deleting not useful applications or clear cache and data on your device.

Can Whatsapp Be Traced?

WhatsApp has no way to intercept encrypted WhatsApp chats and aside from that the application never stores chats even on their servers.

Can We Recover Deleted Whatsapp Chats?

Yes it can be done. Through uninstalling the application and reinstalling it then you will have the option to restore it.

By then, you can decide which back up you want to restore and those back-ups are stored on WhatsApp database.

What Are The New Features Of WhatsApp Update?

WhatsApp has released new updates and have been testing several new features lately. Examples are consecutive voice messages, picture-in-picture mode, private reply, dark mode and QR codes and these updates are mostly based on users review and wish list and you can definitely try them out via WhatsApp Beta which allows early access to the latest features in testing.

The latest iOS update is first of 2019 for iPhone users and the latest major update for WhatsApp will introduce a range of new features for the popular messaging app.

The new update, was first spotted by WaBetaInfo, and is being rolled out for iPhone users through Apple’s App Store, all updates happened mid second quarter of the year.

Users are being urged to update their WhatsApp smartphone apps immediately because of a security bug that allows hackers to take over their application and that might risk the important information being shared on the app.

Can Someone View Whatsapp Status Without Knowing Them?

In the WhatsApp privacy settings, there is a “read receipts” option. Through doing this, you can view WhatsApp status of your contact without letting them know and aside from that; you won’t be able to see regarding who viewed your status as well and that is a tip for viewing someone’s WhatsApp status.

Can You Spy On Whatsapp?

Through using a spy app without having a rooted or jailbroken phone you can now spy an individual’s WhatsApp by also using a website to enter the person’s phone and then retrieve their WhatsApp messages. Thus, entering another person’s iCloud credentials so you can read WhatsApp messages sent from iPhone.

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