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A recent report stated that legal actions will be taken by Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp against companies or individuals found to have misused the app or sent messages in violation of its terms and conditions.

Legal Action

Although there were no specifications as to what sort of legal action it would take, the company has announced that individuals or entities engaged in sending bulk or automated messages would face legal actions.

Not Allowed To Send Bulk Messages

That said, a lot of people are getting concerned about how they will be able to use the app whenever they try to send bulk messages to colleagues, family, or friends.

Since WhatsApp Web is the same application that you can use from a Web browser, this might also cause concern for many individuals. PC and Mac users are able to use WhatsApp through a Web client under the name WhatsApp Web since January 2015.

Configuring WhatsApp Web

Launch WhatsApp on your laptop, PC, or tablet browser and tap on this link. At the same time, you need to launch the app on your Android phone. Then tap the 3 dots found at the top right and pick WhatsApp Web from the list.

If you are using an iPhone, you may activate this option by tapping the icon on the app at the bottom left corner and pick WhatsApp Web/Desktop. After doing so, you will be prompted to use the camera of your smartphone to scan the QR code found at the Web browser of your computer.

You may also have to click the ‘OK, got it’ tab and point the camera at the computer screen to scan and capture the code. After that, the app will launch automatically on your browser. Take note that this will remain active until you log out from your phone or your computer.

This can be done by going to the WhatsApp Web menu of your mobile device and pick ‘Log out from all devices’ or from your PC. You only have to tap the icon with 3 dots from above the conversation thread and select ‘Logout’.

Installing WhatsApp Web On Your Computer

Basically, you can install the WhatsApp Web desktop app for Mac and PC from Simply click the green Download button so that you can download the file to install on your computer.

After downloading the file, you need to find the file from the Downloads folder and install it by double-clicking on the file. Here are steps that you can mimic in order to install the file on a Windows PC. However, you have to drag the WhatsApp icon to your Applications folder on a Mac.

WhatsApp Web Versus Desktop

There are a couple of versions of WhatsApp that provide 2 unique features. The WhatsApp Web will be able to provide the ability to use keyboard shortcuts and emojis, and send audio files when chatting.

You simply have to log into the website from any browser through the link. So all your messages will appear on any computer, whether it is private or public.

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