Telegram X is bringing the blob back

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The blob emoji is making a serious comeback after a long hiatus. After first being introduced to its user back in 2012 by Google for its Android OS. As a part of Google’s KitKat version of its famed Android OS, it was a staple part of its messenger system. As anyone who has used social media on the Internet and on smartphones, the emoji is a huge part of communications these days.

What is an emoji?

Emoji have become an integral part of all genre’s of digital communications today. This includes messenger apps, social media apps designed for both desktop and mobile computing. So, what exactly are emoji’s and why have they become such a huge part of our digital word? An emoji is defined as ideograms and smileys used in various digital mediums like web pages and smartphone messenger apps.

Emojis are usually found in groups representing facial expressions, common objects, animals and various other depictions. There have many different iterations of emojis groups depending on the developer of the OS, mobile app or computer One of those unique emoji groups was called blob and they became quite popular among the Android mobile users.

What is a blob emoji?

The blob emoji group was first developed by Google for its highly popular Android mobile OS. It also can still be found in parts of Google’s messenger system called Hangouts. Blobs are unique facial images in non-round shapes that resemble little blobs. While most facial emojis that are found on other branded apps and OS’s that use typical circular shaped faces.

The software developers at Google first created and released the blob emojis as part of its franchise mobile Android OS in 2013 as part of its KitKat version of Android. It made a major run and remained in use through 2017.

What is Telegram X and why the blob emoji?

Telegram X is a powerful new chat app for Google’s mobile OS Android and for Apple mobile OS called iOS. The new chat app was developed to be the replacement for Telegram, which was an extremely popular chat and messenger app from Telegram-FZ, LLC. The previous iteration of Telegram was designed for speed and security and the developers used this successfully to create the latest version called Telegram X.

One of the things that Telegram developers realized that the blob style of emojis that Google made famously for its Android OS was still quite popular. They decided to use the blog style emoji’s in the brand new version of their extremely popular Telegram messenger app.

My Final Thoughts

The messenger app and desktop messenger programs are a huge part of our digital word. With so many different messenger apps and programs that are available for Windows and Mac OSX desktop OS and mobile OS like Apple iOS and Google’s Android OS. Emoji have become a huge part of today’s digital world. The blob emoji group has been around since 2013 with Google’s release of its Android KitKat version. The developers from Telegram-FZ, LLC liked them so much and decided to take advantage of the blob icons.

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