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GB WhatsApp

With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is easily recognized as one of the best messaging apps in the market today. But while the app has a lot of useful functionalities and features, it still has some limitations and restrictions, especially for those using the app for free.

This is why some independent developers have created modified versions of the app, the most popular of which is GB WhatsApp, a cloned version of the original. Here are four things you need to know before using this mod version:

GB WhatsApp is WhatsApp made better

How many times have you been flagged by the many restrictions that WhatsApp has imposed for its users? For instance, you cannot send more than 10 photos at once, send only up to 16MB of video files and add only up to 256 contacts in a group.

If these restrictions already becomes annoying but you can’t give up on the conveniences of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp works exactly like the original except that it has removed all restrictions and has some additional features for you to use.

GB WhatsApp lets you customize your app

This mod version lets you step out of the boring WhatsApp layout by allowing you to fully customize the look of your app through themes and fonts. You can download several themes online and fully customized them according to your preferences.

GB WhatsApp takes privacy to a whole new level

While the original app already has some great privacy features, GB WhatsApp takes the game further by allowing you to hide your seen and online statuses. You can also hide other standard notifications and even view story updates without your name being shown.

You can also set the app to Do Not Disturb mode, which will instantly disconnect the Internet connection on the app alone while still allowing you to use your phone. GB WhatsApp also lets you read deleted message and prevent messages from being deleted once they are sent to you.

GB WhatsApp allows you to send more files

Perhaps one of the best features of GB WhatsApp is its capability to send a larger amount of files compared to the original app. With GB WhatsApp, you can send 50MB of videos, 100 MB of audios and 100 images all at once.

It also allows you to add over 200 contacts in your device. In terms of messaging, GB WhatsApp has a built-in message scheduler where you can easily set messages to be sent at specific times and dates.

GB WhatsApp Other Features

GB WhatsApp also has a load of other features that make it a great app to use if you want the features of the original WhatsApp without the restrictions.

So, if you want an app that will let you enjoy messaging friends and family, GB WhatsApp is definitely a great option for you. Just make sure that you download the latest version by finding the right link online. So, are you ready to give GB WhatsApp a try?

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