Mozilla Firefox Might Just Be The Safest Internet Browser Available

If you have missed the exciting new features of Mozilla Firefox because you are using a different Internet browser, then it is safe to say that you deserve to know the truth to give justice to what it can really do.

Personal Choice

When it comes to choosing a browser, it is a personal choice. For instance, if you are using Chrome as your default browser, then nothing will persuade you to pick Firefox instead.

The problem with Chrome though is that it is too good to be true. As a matter of fact, it provides an excellent browsing speed and its password manager and sync services are simply next to none.

Convenient And Free But Beware Of Your Privacy

Moreover, it makes signing of forms quickly and relaxing with its autofill features. Most of all, all these features are given for free to its users. However, the only downside is that you have to pay for it with your personal data. This is because it wants to snoop, spy, and stalk its users.

Protect Yourself By Using Firefox

As an open-source project, Firefox can protect its users who are concerned about privacy. First, it comes from a non-profit organization, Mozilla. It aims not to make big profit by collecting user information and selling or using it to serve ads.

This means that Firefox will not send your private information to third-party partners or to its servers. All it will send from your computer are the statistical data which is anonymous, non-intrusive, and used only to improve its services.

Tracking Protection

Since it is an open-source project, everybody can take a look at its code and find out how it works or what it exactly does. So you can rest assured that Firefox is solid in terms of keeping your data as private as possible.

That said, it has a feature called the Tracking protection that will ensure websites will not be able to track online activities across multiple websites. You may have noticed that Facebook is doing so in an intrusive manner.

At the same time, you will be able to protect yourself because Firefox allows using security extensions like the HttpsEverywhere feature. This will help improve your security by connecting with a secure, encrypted ‘https’ over the less secure ‘http’.

Protecting The Web

It is the passion of Mozilla Firefox to protect the freedom and openness of the Web. Although it is just the second largest browser next only to Chrome, Firefox is still doing its best to keep a healthy an open Web.

Moreover, Firefox has been promoting and supporting the use of open-source Web technologies. Likewise, it promotes the freedom of Web users against online trackers and spies.

Take note that in the advertising business, you are considered the product. You may have noticed this when personalized ads are always popping up your screen each time you open the browser, right? You can take a stand by using Firefox. Perhaps it is a modest way of saying it is not okay to track your every activity online.

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