Google Earth Pro Now Available For Free

If you are excited about the great features of Google Earth Pro, then you have found what you are looking for. Basically, the high-end software allows you to fly across the globe with advanced features, distance measuring, global guided tools, and high-resolution printing.

Free To Download And Use

Great news for Google Earth Pro lovers because the software is now available for free. Likewise, you can now enjoy using the Web-only version. If you can still recall, Google Earth Pro normally was available for $399 annual subscription. At the same time, this software provides the ability to analyze and capture geographic data, as it displays a virtual globe.

Brief History

This was designed after Google acquired Keyhole Inc. in 2004, a company funded by the CIA, which was once known as the EarthViewer 3D. In 2011, the desktop version of Google Earth reached the 1 billion download mark.

Differences Between Google Earth Pro And The Free Version

Nevertheless, you may find a few differences between Google Earth Pro and the free version of Google Earth.

  • High Resolution Images

You may have noticed that the free version would allow you to print screen resolution photos, while the Pro version provides premium resolution images.

  • Super Image Overlays

The free version of the software basically provides the ability to import image files up to max texture size. However, the Pro version offers Super Image Overlays more than just the texture size.

  • Business Tools

While Google Earth Pro uses similar imagery as offered by Google Earth, it has added tools designed for business users. So you will have the ability to create animation movies, as well as an option to measure areas of circles or polygons.

Moreover, you may also map multiple points in an instant and access demographic, graphic, and traffic data layers. As a matter of fact, you may find demographic information about the U.S. to be most compelling.

Interactive 3D Visuals

Google Earth Pro also provides interactive 3D visuals with help from RockWare. As a geological software company founded in 1983 in Golden, Colorado, RockWare has been known for taking field measurements. It was intended to determine the mysteries below the surface causing the tilts of rock formations.

RockWare is able to plot the data on a map via a GPS device and specialty tools. This will provide an intuitive 3D understanding of the rocks, as well as import data into the Google Earth Pro platform.

So when a toxic spill will leak into the water table, animations are made by RockWare to model the spread and speed of contamination. The clients will then be able to understand its impact which guides them to be able to react accordingly.

Download Google Earth Pro

You can request for a free version of Google Earth Pro from this link. Take note that your e-mail address you are going to use to register will serve as your user name. Upon signing up, Google will provide you a key you can use when you open Google Earth Pro.

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