Get a Glimpse of the Latest Technology Innovations in 2019 and Beyond

social robots

A lot of promising new technologies are gaining popularity throughout the world these days. In fact, a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) stated that some of these breakthrough innovations are expected to impact the social and economic order around the world radically.

According to WEF chief technology officer Jeremy Jurgens, technology plays a critical role in finding solutions to the challenges that people are facing these days. He added that the emerging technologies of 2019 would demonstrate the rapid pace of human innovation. Thus, it showcased a glimpsed into a sustainable future.

Bioplastics For The Circular Economy

A new breakthrough technology concept that promotes circular economy through the use of lignin or cellulose from plant waste has been tested.

Instead of using biodegradable plastic, which lacks conventional material strength, this concept will increase it without using crops that could then be used for food.

Social Robots

Robots can now recognize emotions, faces, voices, and even interpret gestures and speech patterns, aside from making eye contact.

In fact, developers are beginning to use droid friends and assistants to be part of the daily life of humans. Moreover, they are used to care for the elderly, educate children, and undertake tasks in between.


There are significant advances in physics that have led to the creation of lighter, miniaturized alternatives to established lenses called metalenses.

You should know that conventional lenses are used by computers, small electronic devices, and mobile phones, but it has become more advanced even beyond traditional glass cutting and curving techniques.

Disordered Proteins As Drug Targets

The type of proteins that may cause cancer and other illnesses are called intrinsically disordered proteins. They are unlike conventional proteins because they lack a rigid structure, so they change shape, making them hard to treat.

Scientists have finally found a way to avoid their shape-shifting abilities long enough for the treatment to take effect. This breakthrough technology enables new possibilities for patients.

Smarter Fertilizers

You may have already heard about recent developments in fertilizers focused mainly on the ability to slowly release nutrients when necessary. The problem is that they still contain ammonia, potash and urea, which damage the environment.

Good thing is that there are smart fertilizers that use ecologically friendly sources of nitrogen, and microorganisms to improve plant intake.

Collaborative Telepresence

You will be surprised of a new technology that employs a number of advanced tools to enable people to feel the touch of others in a video conference. This has been made possible via a combination of advanced sensors, augmented reality, virtual reality, and 5G networks.

This means that people from different locations can now physically exchange handshakes. Moreover, medical practitioners can now work remotely with patients just as they are in one room.

Advanced Food Tracking and Packaging

How amazing would it be if you can locate a potential source of an outbreak of contaminated food before people can even consume them?

That said, instead of taking days or weeks to trace them can now be done in a matter of minutes with the use of block chain technology. Basically, it monitors the progress of every food item through the supply chain without breaking a sweat.

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