GB Instagram Opens Up a Whole New Door of Possibilities for Your Social Media

At least 7.7 billion people or 1/8 of the world’s total population have an Instagram account. This platform has changed the landscape of social media when it launched in 2010, and it continues to revolutionize the way we share memories through photos and videos in an app dedicated solely for these two forms of media.

But like any other app, Instagram isn’t free of some rather annoying restrictions, the most popular of which is the inability to download any photos or videos that you see on the app.

 While you have the option to save a favorite photo or video as part of your collection, sometimes you still want to save them into your gallery to view or refer to even when you’re offline. Then, there’s GB Instagram, a modded app that unlocks this restriction and some other cool features too:

What GB Instagram has to offer

Just like GB WhatsApp, GB Instagram is a modded app developed by Atnfas Hoak and Osama Ghareeb that unlocks some features that are restricted or not available in the original Instagram app.

With GB Instagram, you can download anyone’s photos and videos in high-resolution, mark some conversations as starred messages, copy comments, customize your theme and be invisible while viewing someone’s story. You can even translate comments into your language of choice, which is a huge plus considering that there are non-English speakers who use Instagram.

Of course, there’s the option to use two Instagram accounts on a single device or use the modded app with the original app simultaneously without causing any errors.

Concerns over the safety of the app

With all the amazing benefits of using GB Instagram, one cannot help but wonder if it has any downsides. Safety is one of the biggest concerns for modded apps because of how the process of extracting codes and doing reverse engineering of the app’s original apk file can make the modded version a lot less safe than the original.

But GB Instagram has proven to be safe to use just as long as you take extra precautions when using it, especially when downloading photos or videos.

GB Instagram’s developers also assure users that there are no malicious codes written on the modded version to gather personal information or track a user’s action.

Downloading the app

If you want to give GB Instagram a try, you simply need to download the apk file that’s available online.

If it’s your first time to install an apk file to your device, go to Settings>Security>Check Unknown Sources. This will allow you to download GB Instagram on your mobile device without any hassles.   

Downloading media from Instagram

Finally, downloading photos and videos from Instagram is a lot easier with GB Instagram. All you have to do is click the three dots on the upper right corner of the photo and you’ll see a download option.

Just click that and your selected image will automatically be saved to your device. You can also follow the same steps in downloading GIFs.

Are you ready to give GB Instagram a try?

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