Extremely Cool Things to 3D Print with only Imagination as Your Limit

Are you fond of drawing or printing cool things in 3D? If so, here are some of the exciting objects that might interest you to 3D print and enjoy the vibrant results. Of course, you need to have a 3D printer combined with a colorful imagination and you will be surprised how you can do just about anything.

Parts Of A Combat Aircraft

There are no limits when it comes to 3D printing because it depends on how creative you are in doing it. But one of the coolest things that you can 3D print are the replacement parts for combat aircraft. That said, you can simply marvel at how efficient the military is when using technological innovations to kill things.

Parts Of The Orion Spacecraft

Nobody can tell you what to do when you have a passion of your own to do things. This includes the ability to project items and print them on 3D. One of the coolest things you can include in your output is the replacement parts for the next generation spacecraft Orion.

Color-Changing Accessories

You may also consider color-changing accessories if you want to produce your printed output in cool 3D. Just imagine printing some jewelry with a color-changing ink material. You will be surprised that all of a sudden your wardrobe becomes more dynamic as it shifts its hue in correlation to the different lighting.

The Cocoa Press

You should know that chocolate makes things better, especially when you are going to print in 3D.

Take for example the Cocoa Press that was designed by a student from the University of Pennsylvania. It basically prints and cools the melted chocolate in all types of delicious shapes.

Interactive Robogami

If you want to have a cool example of things to print in 3D, then the Interactive Robogami is one that can never disappoint. Basically, it is a system of 3D-printed objects that anybody can fold up into tiny robots and program as a basic to robotics.

You may also notice that the sizable array of custom pieces takes advantage of the open-source nature of 3D printing. That being said, you would simply marvel in awe when you get them printed in 3D.

Moon Houses

Your imagination is the limit, but when it comes to cool things to print in 3D, the moon houses are a much better fit.

It would seem that you are promoting the deep sci-fi potential that people will eventually screw things up on Earth that everyone else will have to lie somewhere in space. Thus, 3D-printed houses on the moon simply get an interstellar output.

Miniature Map Of Tokyo

When you are going to build miniature intricate things, then it would be better to do it when you have the model printed in 3D. Among the coolest examples that you can employ is the 3D map of Tokyo that simply fits in your hand.

It is composed of 100 miniature parts that will definitely give you an idea of how the moviemakers were so successful at making it look so realistic.

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