Experiencing Chrome Slowing Down Lately? Here Are Some Quick Fixes

If in case you might have experienced Chrome slowing down as opposed to your expectations, then you have come to the right place.

Here you can find answers to your common question as to why Google Chrome is stalling when you seem so desperate to speed it up a bit.

Why Your Browser Is Slowing Down?

Over time, your Web browser may encounter some bugs that normally set its course to a seemingly very slow state. As a result, it normally breeds frustration and tends to limit your productivity. Here are some of the steps that you can mimic in order to let your good old browser gain some speed.

Install Antivirus And Malware Scanner

The first culprit that you might have suspected is Chrome itself, but the sad part is that it could be due to a virus or malware attack.

Some of the malicious additions to your computer would install files affecting how Chrome launches programs and negatively affecting its speed.

You May Change The Rendering Speed Of Images

Depending on how you use Chrome, there are lots of images being loaded on the browser from social media selfies to merchandise photos.

If you are experiencing that it has taken forever to finish loading up images, then you may increase the raster threads.

Take note that most photos you use online are raster graphics. In this case, the raster threats are how Chrome reads those images.

However, you may have to go into the flags section of Chrome to do this tweak. Simply type chrome://flags onto the address bar of your browser first.

Then while you are at it, search for the flag you desire by using CTRL + F so that you can search for the flag that you need. From the search box, try to enter ‘Number of Raster’.

You may change the dropdown at this point from its default setting value to 4. Then, click the Relaunch Chrome button that you can see at the bottom left.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

The Chrome Cleanup tool is available for Windows, which is a smart choice if you are reluctant to trust something unless it is from Google itself. Basically, this will scan your browser and remove things that could negatively impact your browsing experience.

Default Browser Settings

When your browser has been behaving badly, you may opt to go back to the default settings of Chrome. This might just be the solution to your problem because extensions may have done changes you are not aware of causing the slowing issues.

Remember that the default setup may not affect your bookmarks, history, and saved passwords. You simply have to launch the browser and go to the ‘More’ menu at the top-right corner displayed as 3 horizontal dots or lines.

You simply have to click it and select ‘Settings’ –> ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Reset’ section having the same name with the button. Just click on the ‘Reset’ button in order to confirm the modification of its settings to its default value.

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