5 Google Chrome Tricks That Will Surely Change Your Life

The competition doesn’t even come close to the popularity of Google Chrome as a web browser. Taking up 62.7% of the browser market share worldwide, Google Chrome is preferred by millions of users because of its simple user interface, accessibility, speed and integration to Google’s services.

But if you think that you already tried everything that Google has to offer, these five tricks will surely change your browsing experience—and your life—for good:

Go incognito

If you want to keep your browsing activities private, Google Chrome’s “Incognito Mode” is just what you need.

Going incognito means that your browser will not track any browsing history or cookies. So, you can already keep those late night online shopping sprees all to yourself.

To open an incognito window, just click the three-dot icon at the top right of your Chrome browser and choose “New incognito window.” If you’re using your mobile phone, tap the same three-dot icon and choose “New incognito tab.”

Keep in mind, however, that going incognito doesn’t mean that your behavior won’t be monitored. If you want complete privacy, a VPN service will do the job for you.

Update autofill

Autofill is one of Chrome’s coolest features because it saves you the time—and hassle—of entering personal information like passwords, addresses and card details every time you need them.

But what if you changed passwords or moved to a new country? Chrome allows you to manually update your autofill information by simply going to Chrome Setings>Show Advanced Settings>Autofill Settings.

Here, you will see three options: Passwords, Payments and Addresses and more. Just click on the information that you want to update.

Create shortcuts to your favorite websites

Have you ever wondered how you can easily access your favorite websites? With Chrome, you can turn your homepage into a desktop app where you can create shortcuts of your favorite website and organize them according to your preferences.

Simply visit your favorite website, click on “Tools” and choose “Create application shortcuts.”

Explore the wonders of Omnibox

Chrome calls its URL address bar as Omnibox and it packs a lot of features that you might not have tried or even heard of.

With Omnibox, you can do mathematical queries or conversions directly into the box and see results within a matter of seconds. You can also use it to search directly into websites, start a timer or check the weather.

Keep downloaded files in the right place

If you’re one of those who spend hours looking for files that you downloaded, you’ll be glad to know that Chrome allows you to set a specific destination for those downloaded files.

Simply go to Settings>Advanced>Downloads. Under location, choose Change and select the folder where you want to save all the files you download into your computer.

Chrome keeps on getting better by the day, but perhaps one of the biggest reasons that people choose it over other browsers is its ability to personalize a user’s experience, which is already rare in this era of generic things.

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