NBOS Strengthens Women's Agenda

PUTRAJAYA, Aug 17 (Bernama) -- The implementation of the National Blue Ocean Strategy initiative can increase the number of women at the decision-making level and strengthen the agenda of women in the public sector.

Ministry of Higher Education secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur said the close collaboration between the relevant ministries and agencies would allow women issues to be heard more effectively.

"Indirectly when all the ministries are together and in synch, definitely we will be able to address the challenges and problems faced by women and the women's own agenda will grow stronger in every ministry," she told reporters.

She said this on the sidelines of the inaugural International Conference On Blue Ocean Strategy (ICBOS) after sitting in the panel, entitled 'Empowering Women to Play Key Role in the Economy & Society' at the Putrajaya International Conventional Centre (PICC) here Wednesday.

Dr Noorul Ainur said even though the government was committed to ensure women were not left behind in any national development agenda their participation as policy makers should be increased from 36 per cent at present.

She said cultural barriers such as negative perception on women's ability, especially in male dominated jobs, must be pushed away as women also had great skills and determination as their male counterparts.

Due to discrimination and negative perception, she said the status of women in national politics was also still low.

"Not only in Malaysia but also in ASEAN countries...we need to change, I believe women will get due recognition slowly but surely if they are given the same opportunities," she added.