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Ministry Bans 14 Books
July 12, 2007 21:19 PM
KUALA LUMPUR, July 12 (Bernama) -- The Internal Security Ministry has banned 14 books under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 and it was gazetted effective May 31.

The ministry's Publication and Quranic Text Control Division secretary Che Din Yusoh said some of the books were found to contain facts that deviated from the Islamic teaching to the extent of possibly endangering the moral of readers and causing public disorder.

He said the rest were banned because they contained explicit sexual descriptions and were not suitable for public reading.

"If the publications are allowed it can give rise to confusion and anxiety among the Muslims and hence can endanger public moral and order," he said in a statement Thursday.

Three of the books are published by Usnie Publisher from Setapak here. They are "Al-Kafilah Siapakah Yang Dikatakan Gadis" authored by Mohamd Abdul Hamid, and "Rahsia Di Kamar & Kunci Wanita" and "Rahsia Nombor 1 Untuk Wanita II" by Tok Nujum.

The rest are:

* "Rahsia Kenikmatan Rumahtangga" published by Tabib Haji Anwar Khan Enterprise;

* "Masalah Seksual Lelaki & Rawatan Alternatif" published by Teguh Ringgit Publishing House;

* Works by Jaafar Salleh and published by Al-Hidayah Publisher comprising three titles, namely "Pendidikan Seks Rumahtangga Kemuncak Rahsia Kebahgiaan", "Kasih Sayang Sejati Rahsia Menguatkan Tenaga Batin" dan "Teknik Bercumbu dan Berjimak";

* "Onward Muslim Soldier" written by Robert Spencer;

* "Islamic Aesthetics: An Introduction" written by Oliver Leaman;

* "Islamic Fundamentalism Since 1945" written by Beverley Milton-Edwards;

* "Who Can Be Saved? And World Religions" written by Terrance L.Tiessen;

* "War, Terror & Peace In The Quran And In Islam: Insights For Military & Government Leaders" written by T. P. Schwartz-Barcott;

* "The Qoran: Selected Suras" by Arthur Jeffrey and published by Dover Publications, New York;

* "The Qur'an" by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem and published by Oxford Universiti Press Ins, New York; and

* "The Koran" by M. H. Shakir and published by Goodword Books.


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