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Bomoh And Malays Are Inseparable, Says Don
March 08, 2006 12:29 PM
KUALA LUMPUR, 8 Mac (Bernama) -- The traditional healers in the Malay society, known as bomoh, remain indispensable even in the modern age of e-medicine.

Prof. Dr Hashim Awang, an academician at the University Malaya's Malay Studies Academy, said the bomoh would continue to thrive as modern medicine could not cure all human ailments.

"The bomoh's know-how must be seen on a positive note as it is based on a repository of knowledge that had expanded generations after generations.

"A major portion of the Malay medicine can be found in the `tib' literature that provide the remedies for the ailments," he said when presenting a lecture on bomoh at Universiti Malaya, here, recently.

He said the Malay traditional healing methods should not be cast aside but instead should be studied to see whether it could play a complementary role to the modern medication available in the country.

"In the Malay traditional healing literature there are various diseases and its remedy. If we return to the content of the tib literature than we can appreciate the many ailments recorded by the Malay traditional healers since the early days," said Hashim.

He noted that though the traditional healing methods were no longer convincing in the current perspective, it's still deeply embedded in the Malay psyche.

"Whether we like it or not we can't run away from the fact it's our heritage ," he said.


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