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May 17, 2013 18:13 PM

95 Per Cent Of e-Kasih Participants In Sarawak Removed From List Now Earn More Income

KUCHING, May 17 (Bernama) -- Ninety-five per cent of 24,778 of the people removed from the e-Kasih list for eligibility of aid in Sarawak have managed to earn increased household income.

State Welfare, Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah said the remaining five per cent, however, were removed from the list after receiving cost of living allowance, getting married, or due to death or cannot be located.

"So far, the number of people registered under e-Kasih in Sarawak stands at 89,920. Of the total, 22,557 are hardcore poor, 27,341 poor and 15,093 people who are vulnerable to poverty," she told a press conference after chairing the state-level focus group meeting here Friday.

Meanwhile, Fatimah said the 1Azam mobile programme implemented in Sarawak was another alternative proven effective in helping the government to locate poor people in the state.

"It is learnt that the people most qualified to participate in the programme are from Ulu Lemanak in Lubuk Antu, Tusuk Sebayang in Daro, Ulu Sangan in Tatau, Ulu Mujuk, Julau and Beliong in Asajaya," she said, adding that the ministry's key performance index (KPI) was to help 7,500 1Azam participants this year.



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